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SES Support Evergreen Care Trust

SES Support Evergreen Care Trust

The Stamford Endowed Schools have donated over 500 gifts and cards to the Evergreen Care Trust to celebrate Christmas, after their annual Christmas Tea Party, which is usually held at the Schools, was cancelled due to Covid-19 regulations.

Members of the Stamford Schools’ community have donated shortbread and biscuit selection gifts for members and volunteers of the Evergreen Care Trust, which have been wrapped by pupils at the Schools.

Students in Years 7 to 11 have also been making Christmas cards at School for members of Evergreen, who would usually attend a tea party at Stamford High School each Christmas. Students in the Sixth Form have made cards and written letters and poems to carers and volunteers who assist the Evergreen Care Trust, to say thank you for the work that they do.

All cards and gifts were prepared at the Schools’ and delivered to Evergreen with enough time for a quarantine period to be held before distribution to people in the local community.

An enormous thank you  goes to the SES Staff Charity Committees, and Sixth Form Charity Committee and Prefects, who dedicated their time across weekdays and weekends at the end of term to support this cause. A special well done goes to the students of Year 7 at Stamford High School, who alone donated 87 gifts between them.

Su Fletcher, Volunteer Services Team Leader at the Evergreen Care Trust said: “Thank you does not even go remotely near what we mean to express due to the amazing tribute the Schools have made to our members, by delivering not only a mountain of shortbread, but by also taking the time to wrap them and to write cards and labels.

“It is such a joy to be the agency who can distribute such amazing joy to people out there, who we know are struggling through illness, immobility or loneliness. Over Christmas each year, this is only ever amplified; and with Covid impacting each and every one of us, our members cannot help but be further affected by isolation and missed loved ones.

“We are so thankful that you have persevered through Covid to still be able to reach out to those folks, who are so very grateful to be remembered. I know we are going to be inundated with phone calls, letters and cards of such appreciation.”

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