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SHS achieve third at ‘Super Physics 2020’

SHS achieve third at ‘Super Physics 2020’

A dedicated team of four students from Stamford High School has scored third place in the Super Physics 2020 competition, organised by the Institute of Physics. The competition, held at Leicester Grammar School, saw 19 schools compete in a series of activities designed to test their knowledge and application of physics principles.

The team were required to conduct six investigations, which involved making measurements and interpreting data, subsequently presenting their results with a poster and verbal explanation to the judges.

Stamford’s team comprised of Sophie Farr, Olga Kryl, Anna Barsham and Ruby Sumner, all Year 9 students. They scored third place in the overall competition, with only two points between them and the winning team.

Mr Adam Patchett, Head of Science at Stamford High School, said: “The competition was an excellent opportunity for our students to demonstrate their skills, and meet like-minded students from other schools.

“The investigations they conducted required insight, genuine experimental technique and care. Very well done to all four of them!”

The team are soon to attend ‘Marie Curious 2020’, a one-day science event for girls interested in pursuing STEM, hosted at the University of Oxford.

super physics 2020


Photography courtesy of Keith Dawson.

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