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SHS Christmas Decorating Competition

SHS Christmas Decorating Competition

Students across all Year Groups at Stamford High School decorated their form rooms at the end of term to spread festive cheer and win some edible prizes.

Staff judges worked their way around the form rooms on the last days of term judging the decorations, with judging occurring over three categories; ‘most tasteful’ display, ‘most entertaining’ display and best overall decorations. Extra points were awarded for creative use of recycled materials.

Edible prizes were presented to all winners, with prizes for those students working virtually safely saved for the new year.

Mr S McCormick organised the competition and revealed the results, saying: “It was a hotly fought contest with some particularly impressive efforts in Years 7 to 9 (with the exception of 9TSP, who expressly asked me to put it on record that the reason they hadn’t done it is because “Mr Panesar is the Grinch!”) Special mentions must go to the following:

7GHS for their impressive cardboard advent calendar

7ZCL for their giant stocking

8CEF for their excellent paper chain work

8EAW for their lovely wreath

9JAC for their beautiful tree

10MJS for their imposingly low paper chains and outrageous claim that penguins are Christmassy.

The Biology department for their tree and advent calendar.

The Sixth Form common room for the inventive festive jewellery adorning the cardboard animals.”



Year 7 – KTD. ‘A superb effort with more trees than the Amazon Rainforest.’


Year 8 – KES. ‘In a competitive year group the combination of baubles, lights, window stickers and chains stole the show.’


Year 9 – ABN. ‘A Christmas explosion with great window art, a Christmas display board, a wooden reindeer, and solar powered lights. With the added bonus of knowing Mr Burke has to teach in such a frivolously festive environment.’

Year 10 – KMM. ‘A wonderfully festive room with lights and stars so big they’ve been booked for next year’s I’m a Celebrity.’


Year 11 – TAC. ‘Despite an interesting choice of angel on top of the tree, the welcoming festive bow on the door clinched it for them.’

Sixth Form – 12AES. ‘Given that the majority of the Sixth Form have been absent this week, the pickings were a little slim. The judges assumed that Mrs Svoboda channeled her efforts into other Christmas things, but this “subtle” effort just about pipped it in the Sixth Form.’


The big two prizes…

Most Entertaining – 9PMR. ‘A working model of a ski gondola. Giant holly leaves surrounding the door. A miniature paper stocking for every member of the form group. This was a really well designed display and a worthy winner.’


Most Tasteful/Best in Show – 9KJS. ‘A beautifully presented room which channeled Arendelle and Ahtohallan. The colour scheme was consistent throughout and the attention to detail with the crochet snowflakes and paper Christmas trees was magnificent. The judges particularly enjoyed the welcome note and instructions on where to stand to get the “full effect” of the room. Well done all.’


Well done to all students involved, we do hope you enjoy your edible prizes and have a relaxing festive break.

Please enjoy a photo gallery of some of our other entries below. Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them individually.


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