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SHS discuss ‘fear vs freedom’ on the ‘PE POD’

SHS discuss ‘fear vs freedom’ on the ‘PE POD’

Students at Stamford High School have welcomed Lorcan O’Brien, Director of Sport at Dulwitch Prep School, to week three of the PE Podcast. Lorcan discussed ‘mental skills’ and in particular ‘fear vs freedom’ in sport.

Stamford High School’s PE department continue their ‘PE POD’ sessions, centered around the ‘E’ (for education) side of ‘PE’. These podcasts aim to give students skills and knowledge in areas that are increasingly relevant to athletes today.

In the most recent edition of the podcast, Lorcan discussed ‘how a mental skills curriculum in schools is a great opportunity for pupils to embrace challenges’, highlighting ‘how you can’t live in fear of failure and you have take yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow sporting success’.

Two Sixth Form Students at SHS, Emma House and Ella Spradbury, posed some challenging questions to Lorcan. Miss H Naismith, Head of PE at SHS, said: “Emma and Ella both agreed on the importance of listening to peoples vulnerabilities, tuning in on emotive connections and navigating around these challenges that occur in everyday school life”

The topic of ‘mental skills’ has been introduced into the School sporting curriculum as part of an initiative with four of the biggest sporting schools in the country (Dulwich, Uppingham, Marlborough and Kings Wimbledon). Last term, students focused on goal setting as part of their ‘mental skills’ learning.

Upcoming podcasts will explore yoga with Miss Smith and Strength and Conditioning with Mr Newman.

To read about the launch and first editions of the ‘PE POD’, please click here.

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