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Sixth Form students win East Midlands racketlon tournament

Sixth Form students win East Midlands racketlon tournament

Stamford School Sixth Form students, Thomas Andrews and Ethan Archer, were crowned racketlon champions of their respective categories in their debut appearance at the East Midlands Open held in Nottingham on 27th January 2019.

Racketlon is the ‘triathlon’ of racket sports, comprising table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis, played first to 21 points in each sport. Tom competed in the D grade event, and Ethan in the E grade and they both dominated the squash, only losing 28 points between them in six matches. The students displayed their brilliant racket skills and fitness levels leading them to victory in their respective categories.

Graduate sports teacher, Matilda Parslow commented: ‘This is a fantastic start for Tom and Ethan in the racketlon world and we hope that they continue to compete in the future and face new challenges as they enter higher categories.’

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