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SJS plant a tree to support COP26

SJS plant a tree to support COP26

Pupils at Stamford Junior School have planted a cooking apple tree in support of COP26 week.

The tree symbolises the School’s renewed commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and work harder to contribute to a sustainable future. It is there to remind the Schools of their pledge and as a result, help remind everyone to be more ecologically friendly.

The tree was planted by Head Teacher, Mr M O’Reilly, and members of the School’s ECO Council. The ECO council meet every Friday and is made up of two children from each Year Group between Years 1 to 5 and four children from Year 6. The group assess how sustainable the School’s activities are, with regards to several themes, including biodiversity, litter and waste, and renewable energy.

Key Stage 2 Teacher, Mr Gaunt, said: “This week has cemented for us all that we, as a school, can be more sustainable and climate friendly. Through the children’s natural and enthusiastic passion for protecting our planet, we are planning our next steps to take and are excited to do so. Our newly planted apple tree will serve as a reminder of our pledge.”

The tree planting occurred on the same day as Year 2 Egyptian Day.

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