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SJS support Evergreen Care Trust

SJS support Evergreen Care Trust

Students at Stamford Junior School have been taking part in an art competition to support the local ‘Evergreen Care’ Charity.

Evergreen Care Trust have partnered with ‘Art Pop-Up’ to run a competition for students to design a hand drawn card which will be sent out along with meal deliveries throughout the month. The theme of the competition is ‘February’ and students have been encouraged to be as creative as they can.

Well done to all the students who sent their pictures in. The four pictures below, and one picture above (drawn by Bella, Year 6) have all been made into cards to send to the community.

Sienna, Year 6:

Sienna Y6

Eleanor, Year 1:

Eleanor Y1

Clemmie, Year 5:

Clemmie, Y5

Isabel, Year 4:

Isabel Y4

Other excellent entries also came in from:

Theo, Year 5:

Charlie, Year 6:

Kian, Year 2:

and Hannah, Year 6:

To see how the Stamford Schools have supported the Evergreen Care Trust previously, please click here.

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