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Spotlight on: The SES Blog

Spotlight on: The SES Blog

Throughout the term, Students from across the Stamford Endowed Schools have taken the opportunity to engage in co-curricular research, discussion and thought on the SES Blog, considering a whole variety of topics, from ocean exploration to electric cars.

We have collated some of our favorite blog posts from over the term below, covering a diverse mix of topics.

  • Yola Brand discusses how factors such as diet and water intake can greatly affect a persons oral health.  Read more here.
  • ‘Does History Really Matter’ is the topic of discussion for Hetta Hill. Read more here. 
  • Talvin Gill asks ‘Will targets to bring greenhouse gas emissions in the UK to net zero by 2050 be a drag on economic growth?’. Learn more here.
  • Darcy Sharpe discusses whether or not military service should be mandatory for our country. Find out more here. 
  • Ciaran Dolby considers whether we should be prioritizing space or ocean exploration and which will greater benefit our planet. Read more here.


If you wish to explore more posts from the SES Blog, please do so here. 

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