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Students try their hand at debating

Students try their hand at debating

Students at the Stamford Schools have tried their hand at debating in an interactive taster workshop.

Mrs Leetch, Head of Scholars, held a debating workshop for students in Years 11, 12 and 13.

The workshop acted as a taster for the popular Sixth Form debating society, and all levels of experience were welcome, making it a pressure-free environment.

Students were able to practice key skills by discussing current and controversial topics.

The concepts of thinking on your feet, rebuttal and choice of vocabulary were introduced through different debating games, which also helped ease students into the workshop and make them feel comfortable.

The Sixth Form debating society holds debates every few weeks after school. Plans for forthcoming debates include ‘Black Lives Matter’ as part of Black History Month.

Mrs Leetch, Head of Scholars, said: “It was great to be back to in-person debating after so long. The workshop was a chance for beginners to learn a bit about debating skills and formats, as well as being a useful refresher for those who already have some experience. We are looking forward to introducing a new cohort of Year 12s and Year 11s to our Sixth Form debating programme this year.”

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