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Stamford High School students inspired by STEM careers event ​​​​​​​

Stamford High School students inspired by STEM careers event ​​​​​​​

Eleven of Stamford High School’s Year 11 students were welcomed within a group of 100 girls to attend a Girls Schools Association UK’s careers event, exploring STEM related opportunities, at the National Space Centre in Leicester on the 9th September 2019.

At a plenary talk within the planetarium, the keynote speaker, Dr Alice Bunn, spoke of her role as the International Director of the UK’s Space Agency, and discussed the importance of self-reflection of personal strengths in aiding decision making when pursuing a STEM career path.

A series of small workshop environments enabled the students to meet and discuss a myriad of topics with women currently working in STEM careers, providing real examples of the diverse careers that studying STEM subjects can provide. Following this, a view of the centre’s exhibits proved highly insightful, with the students being especially amazed by the iconic 42-metre-high Rocket Tower and wide plethora of interactive exhibits.  In the afternoon, the National Space Centre displayed an engaging film to the students, discussing the Apollo Space Programme.

Mr Adam Patchett, Head of Science at Stamford High School, commented: “Throughout the day, our students were awestruck by the breadth of possibility in space and related industries; from engineering solutions, to the use of satellite data, and even matters legal.”

“Of particular enjoyment was our afternoon, whereby following a look around the exhibits, we were treated to a new film about the Apollo Space Programme. Having ended in the 1970s, long before our students graced the corridors of our Schools, it is exciting to consider that this new generation have the potential to forge the path of science in the future.”

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