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Stamford introduce new movement programme

Stamford introduce new movement programme

The Stamford Schools have partnered with FMS UK to introduce a new movement programme. The Movement Patterns Programme will enable the Sport & Physical Education Department to screen, develop and report, to ensure each student has a strong movement foundation.

By developing the correct movement habits in their formative years, the Schools hope to see Children develop a positive association to movement, giving confidence as a teenager and ultimately setting them on a more active path for the rest of their lives.

Every pupil involved will have a personalised development pathway, to support balance, mobility and postural control.

Mark Nasey, Director of Sport & Performance said:

“The Stamford Schools are delighted to announce our partnership with FMS UK as a key tool to support our philosophy of empowering our students with the skills, knowledge and desire to have a lifelong engagement with physical activity.

“The culture of sport and physical activity is robust across the Schools, and we see the implementation of the FMS UK programme as a key element to accelerate performance, develop efficiencies and most importantly foster confidence in our student’s physical literacy.

“We believe that FMS can be a catalyst for our successful sports and physical activity program in its aim to grow mental well-being, physical health, academic performance and social cohesion so that all our pupils can aspire to be the best that they can be!”

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