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Stamford school wins ‘good diabetes care’ award

Stamford school wins ‘good diabetes care’ award

Stamford School has won an award for providing great care to young people with type 1 diabetes, awarded by Diabetes UK.

The School was chosen due to the support it provides to students with the condition, and the award helps raise the awareness of the vital role good diabetes care in school plays in keeping students safe, supporting them to achieve full academic potential and promoting their personal development.

Type 1 diabetes is a serious, lifelong condition where blood glucose levels are too high because the body can’t make a hormone called insulin. It is treated by daily insulin doses – taken either by injections or via an insulin pump; and with the right treatment and care, can be suitably managed.

Mrs Kate Large, Lead Nurse at the Stamford Endowed Schools, said:  “We are delighted to receive this award − it’s not only recognition of how seriously we take type 1 diabetes in our school, but also of our commitment to ensure all young people have access to the same opportunities, no matter if they have a long-term health condition or not.

“We work closely with the diabetic nurses, parents, school staff and the students themselves to make sure the right care is in place so they can participate in all activities and reach their full academic potential. “

For more information on the Good Diabetes Care in School Award, please visit: www.diabetes.org.uk/care-award

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