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Stamford Sixth Form debating team qualify for regional finals

Stamford Sixth Form debating team qualify for regional finals

The Stamford Schools’ debating team have successfully progressed through to the regional finals in the ‘English-Speaking Union Schools’ Debating Mace’ competition.

Congratulations go to the SES debating team of Oliver Fraser and Harry Laventure, Year 13, and Kitty Henderson, Year 12, who competed virtually via Zoom, against five local schools.

The motion facing the team was: ‘This house would ban job applicants from disclosing the names of educational institutions they have attended’.

Congratulations also go to James Farrow and Talvin Gill, both Year 13, who stood in as a volunteer swing team when another team was required to drop out last minute. The motion facing this team was: ‘This house believes that government economic policy should prioritise the collective happiness and well-being of the population over economic growth’.

Mrs K Leetch, Stamford’s Debating Coach, said: “The team coped very well with the challenges of debating online and with what was a four hour session on top of a whole day of remote learning!

“A huge thank you to Talvin and James, who stepped up at short notice as a swing team, helping to allow all the teams in the round to debate. We’re looking forward to the next round, whether online or in person.”

Talvin Gill, Year 13 student and participant within the swing team, said: “It was a brilliant experience to debate against great opponents from surrounding schools”.

We wish the debating team the best of luck in the next round.

For further reading about debating at the Stamford Schools’, click here to read about the Debating Mace 2019/20.

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