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Stamford win Peterborough Rugby Club Plate Competition

Stamford win Peterborough Rugby Club Plate Competition

The Touch Rugby A Team from Stamford High School have won the Plate Competition in the Peterborough Rugby Union Football Club (PRUFC) Girls’ Invitational Touch Rugby Festival.

Stamford High School Touch Rugby Squad entered the tournament, along with teams from eight other schools from across the region. In all over 200 students participated, across four age groups.

Mr D Burke, Volunteer Coach, said: “It proved a fantastic, enjoyable day for all concerned; players, coaches and the parents able to spectate. Glorious weather and the spirit of play, from all teams, really made this a special event.

“At the Under 14 level we were able to field two teams, admirably captained by Ruby W and Tilly S.  Impressive performances were in evidence across the board, with particular specials mention given to Emilia E and Millie R, who played at a level far in excess of their experience of the sport.

“Both teams proved strong competitors, playing excellent rugby and scoring a high number of tries.”

SHS team (Capt. Ruby W)             SHS team (Capt. Tilly S)

Won 3                                                        Won 2

Drew 2                                                       Lost 4

Lost 1

Overall “Plate Winners”

Try scorers:                                              Try Scorers:

Martha P 3                                               Flo C 6

Bea G 4                                                     Tilly S 3

Ruby W 5                                                  Becca C 1

Aggie B 1

“Many thanks to Ian Smith of Peterborough Rugby Club, for organising the tournament, to coaches Mr Gonzalez, Mrs Pretsell, Tilly S (Y12), and Harri D(Y10) for preparing the players so well, and to Miss Short for all her support on the day.

“Squad training continues next term after a well-earned rest!”

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