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Students get ‘all good’ with sustainability

Students get ‘all good’ with sustainability

Students from the Stamford Schools have visited a local business to learn more about sustainability.

Geography students from Year 9 at Stamford High School visited the All Good Market in Stamford town centre to learn about sustainability. The All Good Market is run by Old Stamfordian, Annabel Britton.

The students learnt about the processes involved in running the shop sustainably and the different options you have to be environmentally conscious when shopping.

Mr Webb, Geography Teacher at the Schools, said: “The visit was a fantastic opportunity for the students to get an in person, local example of sustainability.”

“The visit has not only been useful for our learning in the classroom, but also gives the students the experience and encouragement to take forward a sustainable way of living into their own homes”.



Mr Webb talking to the students about sustainability inside All Good Market

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