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Students celebrate GCSE results

Students celebrate GCSE results

Students at the Stamford Endowed Schools have received their GCSE results.

Girls, educated at Stamford High School, were entered for a total of 782 GCSEs. The A*/A987 pass rate was 59.2%, and the A*/C9-4 pass rate was 97.3%.

Boys, educated at Stamford School, were entered for a total of 932 GCSEs. The A*/A987 pass rate was 51.4%, and the A*/C9-4 pass rate was 99.5%.

Both schools offer a mix of standard GCSEs, which use numerical grading, and IGCSEs, which use letter grading.

These results are in line with historical results for both schools.

Will Phelan, Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, said: “Our students have been robbed by circumstance of the opportunity to prove themselves in their exams, but all of us at Stamford are proud of the positivity and resilience that they have shown over the last few months, and the grades that they have achieved are a reflection of the hard work they put in over the whole of their GCSE courses.

“Nationally, this year’s results have been marred by controversy and confusion. However, the professionalism and integrity of our teachers is reflected in the fact that these grades are in line with our historical results, and our students can be confident that the process has been fair and robust. GCSE is all about giving our students the tools and knowledge that they will need to progress to the next stage of their education, and regardless of the exams, this cohort has demonstrated that they are ready and prepared to take that step.

“Our focus at Stamford is firmly on the future, and especially on supporting all those students receiving their results today who are preparing to move into the Sixth Form. We are ready and raring to go in September, and our teachers cannot wait to welcome our students back full time.

“Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students.”

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