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Students compete at Lego League final

Students compete at Lego League final

Stamford School’s Lego League robotics team have achieved 25th out of 66 teams at the England and Wales National Finals of the First Lego League. 

Mr Jamie Laird, Teacher of Physics at Stamford School and coordinator of the Lego club, said: “The pressure at this event was immense, with 66 teams battling to qualify for a place at the World Lego-League Championships. Each round of competition was live-streamed on Youtube and the team managed to improve their score each round.

“Alas, the team failed to make the knock-out stage but finished a credible 25th overall. Disappointed but eager to reach the World finals, the pupils are already back at school, developing their design process and programming skills, ready to slay all adversaries pitted against them next year!”

Click to read more about the previous round of the First Lego League. 

Battle 1- First Lego League final

Team preparing at First Lego League Final

Considering Tactics at First Lego League Final

Battle 2 at First Lego League Final

The team at the Lego League Final

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