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Students engage with Rutland Osprey Project

Students engage with Rutland Osprey Project

Nearly 90 students from Year 7 at Stamford High School have received a talk from the Rutland Osprey Project, to highlight the importance of the Osprey and the beneficial resources of the Rutland Water Nature Reserve.  

Mrs Leahanne Ditchburn, Head of Year 7 at SHS, said: “Being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, exploring our surroundings and seeing nature first-hand is so important for us both mentally and physically.

“It was a privilege for us to listen to members of the Rutland Osprey Education Project talk to us about our Spring and Summer visit, the magnificent Osprey. I for one never tire to hear about how this bird as a juvenile leaves us around August/September and migrates on its own to the wintering grounds in West Africa.

“I am delighted to say that not only was this an extremely informative talk, but there is also an exciting opportunity for three or four of our girls to become ‘Stamford High School Osprey Ambassadors’.

“The Year 7’s and Year 7 Tutor Team would like to express our thanks to Ken Davies, Jackie and Pete Murray for providing a very informative and entertaining talk.

“World Osprey Week (WOW) runs from the 23-27th March, where we will celebrate the return of the Osprey as they migrate north back to their summer breeding sites. I do hope that many of our girls will take the opportunity to visit the nature reserves at Rutland Water, to see this magnificent bird of prey in its natural habitat.“

Click here for more information on the Rutland Osprey Project, reserves and events.

Rutland Osprey model

Rutland Osprey Project

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