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Students ‘give a hand’ for inclusion week

Students ‘give a hand’ for inclusion week

Students at the Stamford Schools have been celebrating National Inclusion Week with creative displays and quizzes.

‘Give a Hand’ to Inclusion Week was organised by students of the SAID (Stamford Allies for Inclusion and Diversity) committee to celebrate Inclusion Week, which ran from the 27 September to 1 October 2021.

Students and staff across the Stamford Schools were invited to design a hand to add to the display, to show diversity and inclusion. Submissions included a tin embossed hand, a furry hand and many inspirational messages.

Information surrounding the importance of Inclusion was shared, including the sharing of a video called “Inclusion Makes The World More Vibrant”. Students also took part in a diversity quiz, covering questions on human rights, as well as little known science inclusion facts – for example, did you know that when a rock includes a bubble, the bubble is called a bleb?

Miss K Docherty, Teacher of Philosophy and Ethics, said: “Thank you to all the staff and students who took part – as you can see from our display board, inclusion really does make the world a more vibrant place!”

Inclusion Week Display 2021 Inclusion Week Display 2021 Inclusion Week Display 2021

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