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Students “Green Up” their act

Students “Green Up” their act

Students at Stamford High School have been learning to ‘Green up their act’ through a day of sustainability workshops.

A day of workshops has been held at the School in collaboration with the Green up your Act company.

The workshop investigated the ways simple materials can be upcycled and used as everyday items. This included converting aluminium can tabs into a chainmail like material, or using old Capri-Sun containers to make multicoloured pencil cases.

The highlight of the morning was the opportunity for the students to build a notebook using old maps, cardboard and recycled paper.

They also learned about sustainable architecture in “earth ships” – landmark buildings that champion environmental friendliness using recycled material to build.

Emily P said: “It’s more fun to learn like this than only attending in-class lessons.”

Ceci J said: “I like learning about the local community and environment because it’s fun and important.”

Phillip Hunton, who ran the workshop said “I enjoy teaching the future generations about sustainable design, so that they have the skillset and the knowledge to change our planet”.

Mrs Jones, Geography Teacher at the Schools, said: “Our sustainability unit aims to explore the potential of the future. We are aiming to explore the issues facing the planet and find practical solutions. The ‘Green Up Your Act’ workshops give excellent ideas for us as individuals and businesses. The pupils engaged really well and have excellent ideas for future change”.

These workshops form part of the students ‘sustainable journeys’ which started when they visited the “All Good Market” last week. 


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