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Students rise to Upcycling challenge

Students rise to Upcycling challenge

Students at Stamford High School have risen to the challenge to ‘upcycle’ a piece of clothing for one of their latest lockdown House competitions.

The concept of ‘Upcycling’ involves transforming by-products, waste materials or unwanted items into new products of better quality and environmental value.

Its popularity has been rising since 2008, with tags for upcycled products now proving popular on the inspirational social media site Pinterest, and retailer ‘Etsy’, who focuses on handmade and unique lines.

Below are a number of winners from Cavell House:

Abigail Moyse

‘I made this bucket hat out of some old jeans and a hoodie for the lining. I haven’t yet put a strip of fabric around the loose edge to tidy it up, but the needles on my sewing machine kept breaking so I decided not to…’

abigail moyse - upcycling competition

Caitlin Brown

‘I started with a pair of second hand jeans, one pair of old jeans that were too small and a few scrap pieces of denim from previous projects. I tore the old jeans and scrap denim into rectangles and used fabric glue to attach them to the base jeans in an artistic pattern!

It took about an hour in total and all of the denim was either bought second hand, donated by my parents who were no longer using it, or from a pair of jeans that were too small for me but in too bad a condition to sell.’

Caitlin Brown - upcycling competition

Amy Evans

‘Mum and I had a go at making a few masks today from an old school shirt and I created this spede bird one!’

Amy Evans - upcycling competition

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