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Students selected for Leicester Riders Academy

Students selected for Leicester Riders Academy

Three students in Year 10 at Stamford School have been selected to play basketball for Leicester Riders Academy.

Congratulations go to John Lin, Ali Dresner and Lachlan Peck, who were recognised at school by their coach and put forward for the U15 trials, where they successfully played against pupils from across Leicestershire.

This achievement brings the boys the opportunity to play against academies up and down the country, at a level considerably higher than their local clubs.

Mr Di Cataldo, Head of Basketball, said: “I have watched these boys develop from the lower school, and given them the challenge of playing with and against boys up to five years older than them with real confidence, so for me it is no surprise that they have been recognised away from school for their talents on the court. Their work ethic, dedication and love for the game is second to none.”

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