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Students succeed at Tetrathlon National Championships

Students succeed at Tetrathlon National Championships

Three students from the Stamford Schools have competed in the Tetrathlon National Championships, with a team win for 3rd place, and individual scores at 27th, 17th and 14th.

Thomas W, Year 10, and Zara P and James W, both Year 12, entered the Tetrathlon National Championships over the weekend, following qualification in July (read more here).

Tetrathlon is multi discipline sport with four phases; pistol shooting, running, swimming, and cross country riding on your own pony.

Only 14% of the 86 international competitors completed a clear crosscountry run around the technical courses, with all three of Stamford’s students successfully falling within this number.

Thomas [pictured above] entered within a team of four from the Fitzwilliam Pony Club, who came third within an International competition for mixed juniors, finishing 27th individually.

Thomas shot 780/1000, swam a personal best of eight lengths (scoring 1045 points), went clear within his crosscountry (1400 points) and shaved a minute off his run time to score 715, for a total score of 3940.

Zara scored an impressive individual 17th place, competing at just age 16 within the Under 25s category. Zara scored 640 points in the shooting, 952 points on her run, 901 points for her swim and also went clear through her crosscountry run within the open girls category, for a total score of 3893 points.

James also entered at the Under 25s level, in the Intermediate Boys category, finishing in 14th place. James scored 820 points in his shooting, ran for 766 points, jumped a clear crosscountry run and received 961 points for his swimming, for a total of 3947 points.

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