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Successful Sixth Form Question Time

Successful Sixth Form Question Time

Students at the Stamford Endowed Schools have gotten involved in a ‘question time’, where a panel of seven from Year 12 and 13, Chaired by Tom Watson and Sully Saleem, discussed current affairs with the wider Sixth Form audience.

The topics discussed included:

–  Social Media: Should influencers, including sports celebrities and other celebrities, be allowed to express their views on social media?

–  Entertainment: Should performers be censored if their lyrics and content is inflammatory?

–  Identity: Should there be a limit to self-identity? Should individuals be allowed to identify as inanimate objects?

–  Environment: Do we really care about climate change? What are we actually prepared to do about it? Is there anything we can do as individuals?

–  School: Is having a ‘top three’ outdated and discriminatory? Do we need a head boy, head girl and deputies – and what purpose do they serve?

Mrs Karen Leetch, Stamford’s Debating Coach and organiser of the question time, said: ” The chairmen and panel were lively, witty and controversial, and provided a very enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment, as well as some serious good for thought. The sixth form were even overheard continuing to debate and discuss the topics touch on as they crossed the town to their afternoon lessons!”

Sixth form question time

Sixth form question time

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