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Taking bushcraft to the next level

Taking bushcraft to the next level

13 students between Year 8 and Year 10 recently took part in our recent level 2 bushcraft weekend excursion, based at Whitewater reservoir which is on the Burghley estate (who kindly grant us access to use the woods).

The camp had no water or facilities of any kind meaning the students had to build their own shelters to sleep in, cook their own food plus collecting and chopping firewood. As well as this the students ate mealworms as an appetiser a la bear grills and went on a night walk.

On the second day, the students were developing more advanced skills including making basic traps and took part in a fire challenge, where small groups were competing to see who could burn through a suspended rope the quickest.

Thanks go to Mr Smith, Mr Herridge (our bushcraft advisor) and Charlotte Warman an ex-pupil who helps with DoE.

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