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Pupils’ Showcase Impressive Innovative TED-Ed Club Talks

Pupils’ Showcase Impressive Innovative TED-Ed Club Talks

After becoming part of the worldwide education community of TED-Ed Clubs last year, the Stamford Junior School hosted a showcase event involving 19 pupils last week. The evening was filled with thought-provoking talks all conceived and delivered by pupils.

The TED-Ed programme supports students in developing presentation and public speaking skills in over 120 countries around the world. Students discover, explore and present their own big ideas in the form of short, TED style talks.

Since September, Year 5 and 6 pupils have been part of their own co-curricular TED-Ed club exploring and developing a range of their own ideas as one element of the School’s embedded Independent Learning philosophy. The range of subjects presented were extremely varied from the perils of palm oil and the science of happiness to fencing and the benefits of dance, for example.

Emma Smith, Head of Stamford Junior School, said:

“This initiative highlights one of the many ways in which the Stamford Junior School’s mission is genuinely realised. Our mission is to instil a genuine love for learning and for pupils to become empowered by a personal motivation to be the very best version of themselves. It is this ethos that fosters independence, creativity, resilience and confidence for all our pupils.  It is therefore, heartening to witness the independent thought and creativity on display at our TED-ED evening. As one of just a handful of TED-Ed clubs in the UK, we are able to equip our pupils with a variety of skills needed in creating and delivering presentations. Congratulations to all involved.”

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