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Theatre Thursdays: Dance Showcase turns digital

Theatre Thursdays: Dance Showcase turns digital

Students at the Stamford Schools have performed their annual dance showcase, this year recorded and shared digitally on Microsoft Stream.

To watch the full performance, please click here, and log in to Microsoft Stream with your school details.

Mrs N Watson, Teacher of Drama, discusses the showcase:

“It became clear very early in the planning for the Dance Showcase that to enable the show to go ahead this academic year, each dance would have to be rehearsed and performed separately in carefully organised bubbles, then filmed and edited to form a show that we could share.

“Rehearsals started on the school site, however, once lockdown was introduced, I was determined that the efforts of all involved would not go unnoticed and dance rehearsals resumed on Teams.

“It was a delight to see the determination of the students cheerfully joining remote rehearsals after a day of lessons, finding any space available to rehearse regardless as to how small. It was also lovely to see the occasional wave from parents as they passed through their child’s rehearsal space!

“Once back on site all involved were excited to receive the nod for the filming to go ahead. Everyone pulled together to make the show achievable; students polishing their performances, teaching staff offering to help, extra cleaning put in place and the additional time required for filming and editing each dance was found, enabling us to produce the show.

“The Showcase is based around the story of Peter Pan and can be watch on Microsoft Stream, where you can see students new to dance proudly performing alongside more experienced performers. Well done to all students who have been involved!”

To view photos from our previous Dance Showcase, themed around Alice in Wonderland, please click here.

For more information about ‘Theatre Thursdays’ please click here.

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