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Theatre Thursdays: Saturn Base Nova

Theatre Thursdays: Saturn Base Nova

The Stamford Schools are proud to present our second ‘Theatre Thursdays’ production, ‘Saturn Base Nova’.

To watch the full performance, please click here, and log in to Microsoft Stream with your school details.

On the sixth planet from our sun, a crew of astronauts are sent to explore the harsh and desolate environment of Saturn. The team of Saturn Base Nova are isolated and alone and after many months of experiments, they find nothing. However, when critical systems begin to break down, it soon becomes clear that they aren’t alone after all.

Miss A Dewey, Teacher of Drama and Director of ‘Saturn Base Nova’ said:

“Devised, rehearsed, and filmed remotely, this short film was created to work within the confines of the Covid-19 restrictions. When we realised that we would be unable to stage our normal, in person production this year, we rallied to create something entirely new, that could only exist under these circumstances. We devised, rehearsed and recorded the show entirely through Microsoft Teams, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the results speak for themselves.

“This is the first production of its kind at the Stamford Schools, and the cast contributed not only their time and performances, but their creativity and words. I’m immensely proud of the work they’ve done in these unprecedented times and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the final result!”


To watch last week’s ‘Theatre Thursday’, our showcase of dance, please click here.

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