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U13 county champions progress to regionals

U13 county champions progress to regionals

After defending their county championship crown, the Stamford High School U13 hockey team were one of 16 teams to progress to the regional rounds of the National Schools’ In2Hockey Championship.

The Stamford team were pooled against Coopers Coburn, Town Close and Bedford Girls’ School drawing (0-0), winning (1-0: C Dean) and losing (0-3) in each respective game. The results of the pool games were very close, and Stamford narrowly missed out on progressing to the later rounds of the regional championships with a greater goal difference than that of Coopers.

With their game faces on, the girls headed into the playoffs for 9-12th position versus Framlingham (L 1-3: C Dean), Lincoln Minster (W 4-1: E Stones 1, R Sumner 1, I Laventure 2) and Haileybury (L 0-2). Stamford High School achieved 11th place out of 16 – very creditable against some outstanding teams. Well done to the squad for remaining tenacious throughout the day.

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