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Year 12 investigate 19th Century America

Year 12 investigate 19th Century America

Sixth Form History students have been using their creativity to discuss the successes and failures of President ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt in their most recent History project.

Year 12 students at the Stamford Schools’ were tasked to present their findings discussing whether or not Teddy Roosevelt should be considered a ‘good President’ and whether he deserves to be called a ‘progressive’. This project relates to their A-Level course which studies America between 1865 and 1975 in what was ‘the making of a superpower’.

Students were encouraged to be creative when presenting their findings and to use multiple different media types available to them, with students choosing video, poster and podcast formats.

Mrs McEnery, History teacher at the Stamford Schools, said: “Well done to all of my Lower Sixth Students, who have worked so hard on their investigation into Teddy Roosevelt. Between you, you have produced such a wide variety of high quality work, all made from home. You have learnt a lot and provided me with a welcome distraction.”

Highlights of the works are exampled below.

Charles M has designed a poster, clearly highlighting President Roosevelt’s successes and failures in office (pictured at the top of this article).

Frankie S created a cartoon storyboard to display her take on Roosevelt:

Roosevelt work

Francis R made an in-depth video which discusses all of Roosevelt’s policies before debating whether he was a ‘good’ President and a ‘progressive’:

Sam H and Ollie M decided to create a joint podcast to argue the credentials of Teddy Roosevelt:


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