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Year 13 Leavers Concert

Year 13 Leavers Concert

In lieu of the opportunity for year 13 students to perform their last concert at SES, with the help of Charlotte Wren (Year 13), the Music School presents a very special celebratory virtual concert.

This concert features our most senior students who have recorded their final performance for SES. These students have all worked extremely hard over the years they have been at SES, and will be missed by their ensembles, IMT staff, and music teachers alike. Please enjoy their final performances.

If you are having problems playing this video please use this link to watch directly from YouTube

Performing in our concert today have been:

Charlotte Wren – Flute – Déjà vu – Norris

Rosie Harvey – Viola – Elegie – Glasunow

Christopher Green – Double Bass – Concerto 2, 2nd Movement: Adagio – Dittersdorf

Luisa Queiros – Saxophone – Ballade – Degg

Helena Millett & Rosie Harvey – Violin & Viola – Invention no.10 for violin and viola – Bach, Duet no. 2 for 2 violas – Bartok

Ben Briggs – Trumpet – The Last Goodbye – Boyd

Thanks to all of our students for their excellent performances.


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