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Year 3 visit Hanson Cement

Year 3 visit Hanson Cement

Year 3 pupils from the Stamford Junior School have had fun visiting the quarry at Hanson Cement, to learn about the different rocks found on the site, how the rocks are crushed and watch the huge dumper trucks bring in 100 tonnes of limestone every few minutes.

They have learnt all about fossils and how they are formed; through examining examples of fossils, a demonstration of a working fossil hunting dog and even having a go at finding some fossils of their own.

Year 3 wish to share a huge thank you to the staff at Hanson Cement, Fossils Galore and Crystal the beagle for giving them such a fun and informative morning.

Crystal the Beagle

Trip to the Quarry

Learning at the Quarry

Digging at the quarry

Finding fossils

Trip to the Quarry - Year 3

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