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Year 5 become ‘Terrible Tudors’

Year 5 become ‘Terrible Tudors’

Year 5 students at Stamford Junior School have enjoyed a day dressing up as Tudors for a day at Burghley House.

The students had the opportunity to go on this trip as part of their humanities learning about the Tudor Times. There was a rotation of activities, which included a tour of the house and learning about Tudor medicines, dance, games and food. A highlight of the day was a visit from the ‘plague doctor’, who explained different treatments the Tudors believed would cure the ill, such as having leeches suck out your bad blood.

During craft making, the students made drawstring purses, after learning that pockets hadn’t been invented during the Tudor period.

Experiencing life as a Tudor, students learnt to dance like one too, performing a sequence of steps around their partner.

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