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Year 5 explore Burghley Park

Year 5 explore Burghley Park

Year 5 have enjoyed an eventful day out in Burghley Park taking on three different outdoor activities.

Director of Outdoor Education, ‘Mr Adventure’ (Mr Smith) led an exciting Bushcraft session in Chabonnel Spinney, teaching children to safely light fires without matches.

Mrs Hewett led an exploration of the Burghley Sculpture Garden, challenging the children to interpret the message behind each artowkr.

Mr Agnew helped the children investigate the wonders of oak trees, and taught them about how invaluable oak trees have been to humans over the centuries.

Children spent an hour and a half on each activity, and told us how much they enjoyed their day out, once they got back to school:

“I really loved the Bushcraft as I have never done anything like that before and it was so interesting learning how to light fires.”

“I loved the sculpture gardens because it was so peaceful.”

“I loved learning so many facts about oak trees and if you look backwards between your legs, you can work out the height of a tree – how does that work? It’s amazing!”

“I liked the learning about the oak trees and the oak wood. Did you know that the oldest oak tree in the UK is about 1,100 years old and is only about seven miles away from here?”

Staff and pupils at Stamford Junior School are very grateful to Burghley House for their generous continued support, allowing us to enjoy their grounds: “It is a constant reminder of how lucky we are to live here.”

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