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Year 6 Meet ‘Sphero’ Robots!

Year 6 Meet ‘Sphero’ Robots!

The Year 6 pupils at Stamford Junior School have engaged in an exciting new part of the curriculum – computing using ‘Sphero’ Robots!

Every pupil within the Year 6 cohort (75 students), has had a chance to use the Robots, with Years 4 and 5 next in line to take on the challenge. The children were tasked with creating an obstacle course, featuring tunnels and ramps, which they then coded the Robots to make their way through.

Year 6 Sphero Robots

The Parents Association recently gifted to the Junior School the ‘Sphero Robots’, to make coding more practical and accessible.

Mr Thacker, Teacher of Year 6, said “this has been a  great opportunity for the children to deal with problem solving and collaborating to find a solution.”

Take a look at the Principal’s recent tweet, showing one of the ‘Sphero’ Robots in action!


Year 6 Sphero Robots

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