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Year 6 Spotlight Performance – The Lion King – A Roaring Success

Year 6 Spotlight Performance – The Lion King – A Roaring Success

Over the last term, Stamford Junior School’s Year Six pupils have been incredibly busy working with Kindred Drama. They have been rehearsing scenes, learning lines and practising songs for this year’s Spotlight Performance, a junior adaptation of Disney’s musical The Lion King.

Their hard work paid off as Year 6 performed to a full house in the Oswald Elliott Hall. With well-known songs and fantastic costumes, the pupils brought to life all the animals associated with the plains of Africa.

“There I was back stage, peeking through the tiny crack as the crowd came flooding into the OE Hall. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and there was a deafening silence as the piano played its first note. The show was starting! Then, a big spotlight shined down on pride rock. The drummers took their places and the herds came on stage from all angles. It was now down to Rafiki to open the show…”

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