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Year 7 investigate cells

Year 7 investigate cells

Young scientists at Stamford High School have been making creative models of animals and plant cells whilst learning from home.

Miss Riley challenged the pupils to create either animal or cell models, in the most creative way possible. She was incredibly impressed with all students efforts. We have shared some of the highlights of these below:

Liz W created an animal cell model, showing A Level organelle knowledge, and ‘fabulous detail and intricacy’

Cell model- SHS

Matilda H produced a very comprehensive powerpoint presentation, demonstrating the details of red blood cells and ‘her red velvet cupcake was a nice touch for the end slide!

Cell model- SHS

Tilly S also made red velvet cupcakes, this time using sweets to demonstrate the features of the red blood cell.

Cell model- SHS

Celia H has been very creative using lego to build a specialised nerve cell, with ‘excellent annotations’.

Cell model- SHS

Very well done to all students for their hard work.

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