We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Delivering remote education at Stamford

At Stamford, we deliver our online learning in a variety of ways. Our primary considerations are to ensure that the method of learning is age-appropriate and engaging, and that we always use the most effective method of delivery for the specific topic and stage of learning.


What should my child expect from remote learning when they are first sent home?

Online learning is now well embedded at Stamford. If it is necessary for a cohort to be sent home, our standard online learning programme will commence immediately.

If a small number of individuals are at home while the rest of their class or year group is at school – for example, if they are isolating as a precaution – in many cases it will be possible for them to call in to live lessons via video conferencing on Teams, and to watch and interact with the lesson from home. In some circumstances, this may not be possible; for example, in a practical lesson, or where the student is very young. In this case the teacher will set work or activities to be completed independently and submitted online where appropriate. These arrangements will also be put in place immediately.


What is the standard online learning programme at Stamford?

Students at Stamford Junior School have a set timetable for daily learning. This is similar to the normal school timetable, although it is adapted as necessary for younger children. For example, at Key Stage 1, children will choose an afternoon topic activity chosen from the weekly topic file, and complete it with support from their parents.

Students in Year 7 and above will follow their normal curriculum and timetable of lessons.

Students are expected to be online in good time for the start of every class, and to have done any preparation that might be required, as they would for a class in person. Lessons will be a mixture of live teaching, which may include presentations, class discussions and demonstrations; and set work to complete and return independently. Timetabled physical education is expected to be used for fitness and exercise, and a wide range of resources are provided.


How long will my child be expected to study each day?

Timetables for Stamford Junior School children can be accessed here, as part of the full online learning guide for parents.

For older children, we expect that they will be studying in line with their normal timetable of lessons. However, some lessons may be shortened by a few minutes where possible, to allow time for regular short breaks away from screens.

When students must study at home for an extended period of time, we will run occasional “wellbeing afternoons”, rotating through different days of the school week, to allow time away from screens and to encourage wellbeing through physical activity.


How will my child access online provision?

We use Teams as our main platform for digital learning. Students will also use OneNote and a variety of other programmes. Students have been taught to how to use the programmes necessary to access online learning, and IT support is available throughout the working day.

If students do not have access to a device that they can use to access online learning, we may be able to loan them a device. Parents should contact the School by phone or email to discuss this. If students have consistent problems with internet access, parents should contact us.


Expectations for engagement

All students have a clear weekly timetable, and are expected to engage with it in full. We check attendance and engagement on a daily basis, and will contact parents immediately if a student is not engaging as expected, to discuss any measures or support that might be necessary.


Assessing work and providing feedback

Students in all year groups will be expected to submit key items of work or specific assignments for assessment and feedback. We use a variety of formats for this: for example, we may ask the student to upload their completed work for review, or we may set a test that can be completed online.

Feedback may be written, and shared via “Assignments” in Teams, or may be given verbally; for example, during a Teams call.


Support for students with additional needs

We know that some students will require additional support. The SENCO will work with IT Services to ensure that the technology we use is appropriate for each student, and to make reasonable adjustments where necessary.

The Learning Support Assistants will continue to work with students who normally receive learning support, to ensure that we maintain parity of provision.


Children who are self-isolating at home whilst their cohort is in school

In cases where an individual student is isolating, the principles above will still apply, including an expectation to engage with the timetabled programme of work. As not all lessons are equally suited to in-person and live video access, the proportion of work to complete independently is likely to be greater, but students will still have daily contact with staff via Teams, and will be expected to attend live lessons via video call wherever it is appropriate and effective for them to do so.


Keeping in touch during remote learning

We will issue regular updates and guidance to parents via SchoolPost, and all information relating to remote learning is stored on the Parent Portal for access at any time.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact their class teacher or tutor as relevant with any questions or problems they may have. Contact can be made via Teams or email, or by telephone message to the School reception.

Further information for parents of students at Stamford Junior School can be found here. This has also been issued to parents via SchoolPost.

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