We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Children in Year 5 are invited to join us at Experience Stamford, for a taste of life at our Schools.

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Stamford will become a co-educational school from September 2023. This means that, if you are applying to join before then, the process will be slightly different. Whenever your child will be joining us, we will guide you through the process, but to help you get started we have set out the key information in this section of the website.

The Junior and Senior Schools each have their own admissions team, so that your child’s application will be handled by someone who knows the School well. If you have children for entry to both the junior and senior schools, our Registrars will work together to look after your application.

When you first enquire, we will talk to you to ask you more about your child and to discuss any specific questions that you might have. All of the information in our prospectus is available on our website, but we shall be very happy to send you a copy of our information pack, by post or email, on request.


Limited places are still available for your child to join us this September.

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The application process

After an initial conversation, it’s best to visit us, so that you can meet the Head and any other key members of staff, and get a feel for the atmosphere of the School.

There are various ways to do this: Open Mornings are a good way to get an overview of the School, or an individual visit can be tailored to you and your child. Some families like to visit several years in advance, and others will only start their school selection process in the autumn of the year before their child joins us. We are very happy for you to visit us as many times as you need to help you reach a decision – just as in choosing a house, you are weighing up “feel” as well as practicalities when you are considering schools for your child. We don’t recommend visiting us in the school holidays unless you cannot avoid it: although we’re very proud of our facilities, it is the students and staff who will determine the ethos and atmosphere of a school, and let you judge whether we will be the right fit for your child.


Joining before September 2023

If you are interested in entry to the senior schools before September 2023 (that is, your child will join the school as a student before July 2023), we will invite you to attend for an individual visit, so that we can talk to you about how the transition will work for your child. This is also an opportunity to meet the current Head. For students entering in Years 7-10, we will invite you to tour the current Stamford School (boys) campus, but girls will also be invited to visit Stamford High School, where they will be based until the transition point.

Joining from September 2023 onwards

If you are interested in joining in or after September 2023, all of our open events will be designed to help you learn about Stamford as a co-educational school. We can also arrange an individual visit.

We have more information about the transition available at stamfordcoed.org. We will be adding to this throughout the transition period, but please do also speak to our Registrars if you have any questions at all during this period.

The assessment process

Once you have decided that Stamford might be a good fit for your child, the next step is to complete the application form.

For entry in September, we will carry out most assessments in January, although this can vary depending on your child’s age: there is no set assessment date for children for the Nursery or the Junior School, or for Sixth Form.

If you apply later than January, we will carry out assessments when you apply, although you should be aware that we may not have spaces available in all year groups. If you’re considering immediate entry, and we have a place available, we will assess your child as soon as you apply.

We’ll write to you with our decision in February (or within a couple of weeks of the assessment).

Day or Boarding?

If you aren’t yet sure whether or not boarding would be right for your family, we’ll arrange a taster stay as part of the application process. For many families, the most practical option is to board for a few nights a week, or even on occasional nights, and a taster stay will help you and your child to work out which option might be best for you.

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