Year 7 Entrance Examination

The Stamford Schools Year 7 Entrance Examinations take place on the first Saturday of the Spring Term. Prospective pupils will be invited into school to sit digital English and mathematics assessments; they will be asked to complete a piece of creative writing and to take part in an interview.

How are the assessments taken?

For digital assessments (English and mathematics) pupils are organised into small groups. They will use a school device to complete the assessments. 

They will need to use headphones, which will be provided by the Schools, however, if your child wishes to use their own headphones they are welcome to. These will need to be aux headphones.  

For written assessments (creative writing) pupils will be under examination conditions. Pupils are given a topic, and in 30 minutes are asked to plan and write a short story. 

For interviews, at Stamford High School pupils will meet with a member of the academic staff. Whereas at Stamford School pupils will join a group interview.

How can I help my child prepare?

We don’t recommend any specific programme of revision, however, reading and discussing books with your child is always useful. Encouraging them to practise a wide range of mathematics problems from the variety of topics studied at school may also be helpful.   

Support for pupils with additional needs

Please notify the Schools of any needs that your child might require support for during the assessments.

Please share any information on SEN support or concerns as soon as possible so that we can make the best provision for your child.

Children will need to access various parts of the School so please advise of any physical support your child may require.

Children will also have snacks and lunch whilst onsite, and so we will require any allergy information at least one week in advance of your child’s assessments. 

If you are unable to attend the Entrance Examination

Please contact the Admissions team as soon as possible if the first Saturday of the Spring term is not suitable and we can arrange the assessments for another date. 

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