For families who cannot afford the cost of school fees, we welcome applications for fee assistance.

Many of our pupils need some degree of financial help to attend our senior Schools. Fee assistance is kept entirely confidential, and only those staff involved in processing and making decisions about your application will be aware of your application.

Help with fees is means-tested. We will assess your income, and any help we can grant you will be made in the form of a discount against the tuition fee. The level of support we grant you will be dependent on how much disposable income we assess you as having, but in some cases it may be as much as 100% of the fee. The award we make is called a bursary.

To apply for fee assistance, you must return your child’s application for a place at the school, and a separate application for bursary support. Bursaries are considered in three tranches, as long as funding remains, and you are strongly advised to apply before the first deadline, at the end of November, in order to increase the likelihood of being allocated support.

Your child will complete the usual assessment process for entry to the school. Your application for fee assistance will be assessed by the finance team and, if you qualify for support, you will be invited to attend an interview with the Head of the relevant school. We will carry out a home visit before we confirm your award.

Fee assistance can also be combined with the financial award included with a scholarship. Scholarship applications must be submitted by the same deadline in November. Please note that the sum available for fee assistance is limited. This means that we can only support families where there is a real need, and not in cases where the family is choosing to prioritise spending on other areas.

A large proportion of the funds we have available for fee assistance come from our generous donors, many of whom benefited themselves from funded places. We are extremely grateful to them for their support. You can find out more about how we raise funds for fee assistance here. You can request a bursary application form by emailing us at, or by calling us on 01780 750 311.

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