We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org


“One may find attending school in a foreign country alone exciting, yet daunting, especially having never been to the country before.


That was what I felt when I first left Hong Kong in September of 2015 to attend the Stamford Endowed Schools, in pursuit of iGCSEs and A-Levels. Even though I had English classes in Hong Kong, I still felt the change was sizable.”



“This is where the School Community has played its part well: Although being in an unaccustomed environment, I did not find settling in a hard task.

The Boarding community has worked wonders – the Staff all do their very best to make sure everyone fits in and are comfortable with who they are living with. The boarders ourselves are all very respectful and accepting of each other.

A diverse cultural background in the Boarding Community allows us boarders to learn and appreciate each other’s homes, festivals and practices. Living in boarding is definitely like living in a second home.”

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“Stamford is a school that offers countless opportunities for their students.”


“There are more well-known ones like School Choirs, Sports Teams and Drama Productions where I have been able to make and become close friends with schoolmates of different year groups.

I have also had Music Lessons and have finished school with 2 ABRSM Grade 8s, one of which was in Voice and I have achieved this whilst in Sixth Form.”

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“There are also opportunities that I have not ever come across, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) and the Combined Cadet Forces (CCF).

I have learnt a great amount throughout my 4 years of joining the Royal Navy section in the CCF – First Aid, Watersports of all sorts, Drill & Discipline are just a few to name. As I became a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in Year 12, and Second in Command of the Section in Year 13, I have also had the opportunity to put my teaching and leadership skills into practice.

Joining the CCF has been a truly wonderful experience, and it is an activity that I could not recommend enough if one is looking for something new and adventurous.”

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“On the note of leadership skills, I have had the honour of being the Deputy Head Girl of the School. Ever since joining the school, my relationships with my peers and teachers bloomed and flourished, and I suppose my outgoing personality has definitely helped.

By being in this position, I was able to see how the encouraging and supportive environment was provided and being maintained. A team of 25 School Prefects, along with other Subject and Special Responsibility Prefects, all aiming to provide help and support to each and every student by working closely with the school staff, including both academic and pastoral support.”




“There are also different events such as Charity Rock and tea parties where students and staff all work together to give back to the local community.


The amount of hard work that the members of the School put in, to make not just the School, but to build the entire Stamford community, is incredible.”

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A Final Word From Sonia

My experiences at Stamford have been life-changing to me.

Not only were they valuable, they have also shaped me into my confident and motivated self. Stamford was not just a school to me, it was also a second home, and I am proud to call myself an Old Stamfordian.

Sonia Cheung

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