The Stamford Schools’ scholarships programme identifies pupils with outstanding talents and skills in a variety of fields and helps develop those talents during their time at the Schools.

Scholarships are awarded on entry to Year 7, 9 and 12, although there are later opportunities to gain a scholarship once a child becomes a pupil at the Schools. Pupils who enter the Schools in Years 7 and 8 may apply internally for Art, Drama, Sport and All-rounder Scholarships as these are not available before Year 9. Pupils may sit for all scholarships on moving into the Sixth Form.

All scholarships may be supplemented by fee-assistance, subject to means-testing. Applications for any means-tested support should be made separately. For more details on fee-assistance please click here or talk to the Schools’ Admissions Office.

The Benefits of a Scholarship

Scholarships and awards provide students with the opportunity to participate in the Scholars’ Programme, which supports breadth and depth of learning, incorporates mentoring and support, and gives students access to additional activities. Pupils who receive an award will also have their name included on the Scholars’ List, and will be recognised as a Scholar.

Full details of each programme be found in the Scholarship brochures below.

Scholarship brochure

The Application Process

To apply for a scholarship, you must complete the application form for the award in which you are interested, and return it to us by late November. These forms can be downloaded below. For most scholarships, your child will complete an exam or assessment. We will let you know if your child has been awarded a scholarship when we write to you to confirm their offer of a place at the Schools.

Please be aware that all academic scholarships are offered based on entrance examination performance or as part of our Sixth Form application process, and there is no need to complete an application form.

The Application Process

Hear from our students...

For me, being a scholar in the Sixth Form has genuinely been one of the best things that happened to me upon entering Year 12. I was unsure and apprehensive about what being a ‘scholar’ meant, but now I have a clearer understanding; I know it is something got be proud of, as well as grateful to be a part of. "

Year 13 student

Through the Scholars Programme I have developed my confidence, communication skills, independence and my level of self-motivation when it comes to completing something that teachers haven’t set you. "

Year 13 student

The Scholars Programme has motivated me to do more, to apply for more competitive university courses, to push myself harder and to discover what I am really interested in. "

Year 13 student

More on our Scholarships

Scholarship provision is designed to recognise boys and girls with outstanding talents and skills in a variety of fields and to help develop those talents during their time at the Schools. We offer scholarships in academia, music, art, drama, sports and an ‘all rounder’ award, and these can be explored further through the links below.

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