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The Stamford Endowed Schools’ scholarships and awards provision recognises pupils with outstanding talents and skills in a variety of fields and to helps develop those talents during their time at the Schools.


Scholarships are awarded on entry to Stamford School and Stamford High School, although there are later opportunities to gain a scholarship once a child becomes a pupil at the Schools. Pupils who enter the Schools in Years 7 and 8 may apply internally for Art, Drama, Sport and All-rounder Scholarships as these are not available before Year 9. Pupils may sit for all scholarships on moving into the Sixth Form.


All scholarships may be supplemented by a bursary, subject to means testing. Applications for additional means-tested support (a bursary)
should be made separately. Details are available from the Schools’ Admissions Office.


Download our Scholarship Brochure here

The Application Process

To apply for a scholarship, you must complete the application form for the award in which you are interested, and return it to us by late November – you can check all admissions dates here. You must also return your application for a place at the Schools.


For most scholarships, your child will complete an exam or assessment. Please note that, as of autumn 2019, candidates for the Sixth Form will no longer be required to apply for an academic scholarship or sit a separate exam: we will assess all candidates and grants awards on the basis of their reports, references, predicted grades and interview.


We will let you know if your child has been awarded a scholarship when we write to you to confirm their offer of a place at the Schools.

Download Application Forms
The Application Process

The Benefits of a Scholarship

Although scholarships carry a small financial award, more important is the opportunity to participate in the Scholars’ Programme, which supports breadth and depth of learning, incorporates mentoring and support, and gives students access to additional activities. Pupils who receive an award will also have their name included on the Scholars’ List, and will be recognised as a Scholar.

Full details can be found in the Scholarship booklet. Please read it carefully before you apply. A copy can be downloaded below, or you can request a hard copy from the Admissions Office, by emailing or calling us on 01780 750 311.


Scholarship booklet

All scholarship application forms


Further Useful Information

Help with Fees

Key Admissions Dates

Sixth Form

More on our Scholarships


Awarded to students who can make a contribution to the academic life of the Schools.


Music flourishes in all three schools. Music Scholars are expected be at the forefront of the musical life.


Ambassadors for art across the Schools, Art Scholars receive specialist guidance and advice on artistic and creative development.


Drama Scholars will have opportunities to participate both as a performer and behind the scenes, contributing to the dramatic life of the Schools.


Sport will be the priority of a Sports Scholar and will participate in a intellectual sport development programme


All-rounder Scholars should demonstrate strong academic performance with clear potential and contribute the school community.

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