What is a Discovery Morning?

Discovery Mornings are a chance to explore the Schools on a normal working day so that you can see the pupils and teachers in action and experience the genuine atmosphere in the classroom for yourself.

You and your family will tour the School in the company of one of our pupils and will meet the Head and senior staff over tea and coffee. Spaces at Discovery Morning are limited so that you can have as much time as you need to see the School at your own pace and discuss your child as an individual.

Whether you are considering an immediate move or are in the first stage of choosing your child’s next school, Discovery Mornings are an excellent way to get to know us.

  • Wednesday 17 November – Stamford High School
  • Tuesday 8 March – Stamford Junior School
  • Wednesday 16 March – Stamford High School
  • Thursday 17 March – Stamford School
  • Tuesday 10 May – Stamford Junior School
  • Wednesday 18 May – Stamford High School
  • Thursday 19 May – Stamford School

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