It is my pleasure as Chair of the Stamford High School Old Girls’ Guild to welcome you to our community. Founded in 1908, the Old Girls’ Guild exists to support the large network of Stamford High School Old Girls. We publish the annual SHS Old Girls’ Guild Magazine and host the Reunion Lunch in the summer each year. We love to hear from our community so please do keep in touch and update us on where you are and what you are doing. Likewise, if there is anything that the Old Girls’ Guild can support with, please do get in contact.


Jill Hamilton, Chair (OS 80)

Guild Governance


Honorary President: Will Phelan

President: Vicky Buckman

Vice Presidents: Miss GK Bland, Mrs P Clark, Mrs YL Powell, Miss PA Tennison

Chair: Jill Hamilton (OS 80)

Treasurer: Louise Rigby (OS 81)

Minutes Secretary: Anita Trowell (OS 74)

Committee Members: Isobel Bates (née Temple) (OS 80), Sue Bradford (née Bradley) (OS 74), Alison Eaves (née Matthews) (OS 80), Dawn Gent (née Hancock) (OS 86), Nicky Lambert (OS 90), Denise Speakman (née Smith) (OS 74)

Ex-officio: Natalie Pretsell (Community Engagement Manager)

The Old Girls’ Guild, founded in 1908, exists to support the large network of former Stamford High School students.

Christ Me Spede

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