The Nursery is open throughout the year from 08:00 to 18:00, although we do follow the Junior School terms. During term time, the Nursery doors open at 07:45 in line with the Junior School. When the Junior School closes for a half term break or a holiday, a form is sent out to all of our Nursery School parents asking whether you still require sessions; the reason being, if you intend to have a holiday or time away from the Nursery during these periods, no retainer fee is charged.

A Typical Day

  • The Nursery day begins at 07:45 when the doors open – with most parents arriving between 08.00 and 09.00 ready to start the morning session.
  • Breakfast is served at 08:10 – a selection of cereals, toast and fruit.
  • The morning session begins at 09:00 with a healthy mid-morning snack
  • Lunch is at 12:00 – Lunches follow a rolling menu, and all food is prepared on site.
  • The afternoon session begins at 1pm with a healthy mid-afternoon snack
  • The session finishes at 17:00 with an extended session  available till 18.00. Afternoon tea is served at 17:10.
A Typical Day


Nursery School Swimming Lessons

Children in the Owls class have a weekly swimming lesson with the swimming coaches from Stamford Junior School. The Owl team will also be with the children as they attend their lessons in small groups.


Spanish Lessons

The Owls have a weekly Spanish lesson led by the Modern Foreign Languages staff from Stamford Junior School. In these sessions they
will be taught the basics such as colours and numbers.


PE Sessions

All students will take part in weekly PE sessions.


Forestry School Activities

Stamford Nursery School has a Forestry School leader (Forestry Schools Practitioner level 3) who works with both the Gosling and the Owl
children. The children will join in different activities throughout the week in the on site wild life area, Ferns Garden, and surrounding  woodland areas.

Find our more about Forest Schooling


Exploring ‘Out and About’

With the Nursery School being located close to the heart of Stamford’s town centre, children are frequently taken on trips to explore the array of facilities and attractions that the town has to offer. Recently, children have visited the train station, theatre and Stamford meadows.


Extra-curricular activities

Along side the regular programme of  activities running at the Nursery we also offer Musical Minis, Dance and French lessons. These may include an additional charge.

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