We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org


Our Vision is to be:

  • a fellowship and friendship organisation
  • a networking organisation
  • a support organisation

Our over-riding aim is to provide former students of Stamford School with a life-long relationship with the School and to play a full part in the Stamford Community.

Our watchwords are achievement, enthusiasm, friendship and fun. Our aim is not to disappoint.

So, if you are already involved, please continue and enjoy. If you are not presently involved, please give us serious consideration. There are worthwhile experiences to be had together with good fun along the way.

Cam Park, Chairman (OS 07)



Honorary President: Will Phelan

President: Nick Gallop

Honorary Vice President: Alan Maddox (OS 64)

Immediate Past Chairman: Phillip Hoskins (OS 72)

Chairman: Cameron Park (OS 07)

Vice-Chairman: Simon Stanley (OS 85)

Secretary: David Denney (OS 74)

Treasurer & Membership Officer: James McBain Allan (OS 06)

Events Officer (Sport): Tom Gulland (OS 13)

London OSC: Ian Brassington (OS 73)

Committee Members: Neil Paterson (OS 85), Simon Richardson (OS 84), John Smith (OS 71), Oliver Thorley (OS 01), Robert Thorpe (OS 78)

OGG Representative: Nicky Lambert (OS 90)

Attending: Hannah Hamilton (Director of Development & External Relations), Natalie Pretsell (Development Manager)

The Old Stamfordian Club, founded in 1889, exists to support the large network of Stamford School Old Boys and to keep the Stamford spirit alive once boys have left School.

Floreat Schola Stamfordiensis

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