Networking opportunities currently range from our networking groups for different geographies and sectors, networking events, and our upcoming mentoring scheme (currently in pilot), along with a number of ways to interact with our current pupil body: careers advice, mock interviews, talks, careers fairs, and wider experience, direction and general advice.

Over the last few years we have found job roles, work experience, and sector insights from the Stamford community that have benefitted current and former pupils.

Sector Groups

LinkedIn Main Group:
Old Stamfordians


LinkedIn Regional Groups LinkedIn Careers Groups

Old Stamfordians Overseas

OS Asia-Pacific

OS France

OS United States

OS China/Hong Kong

OS Australia

OS Legal

OS Royal Air Force/Civil Aviation

OS Medicine

OS Marketing, PR and Advertising

OS Education

OS Financial Services

Setting up a new group

If we do not yet have a group for your sector or you would like to set up a group, please contact the Alumni Office:

Please note, membership of the Old Stamfordian groups has to be approved by a manager.


Further help and advice

For further help or advice on careers networking with the Old Stamfordian community, please contact the Alumni Office:


The alumni associations and the alumni office, are working closely together to provide a mentoring scheme for former pupils. The aim being to encourage successful partnerships between mentors and mentees aiding increased professional development.


The early pilot stages of this mentor scheme are currently in process. We welcome offers to join this scheme, or requests for information into this pilot.


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