We are delighted to announce that from 2023, Stamford will become fully co-educational at all stages. For more information, please visit Stamfordcoed.org

Approach To learning

Our approach to learning is formed around a framework of four guiding principles that include creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and complex problem-solving. Lessons are designed to be engaging, and to challenge and stretch your child. Our ‘ideal classrooms’ provide an innovative environment that promotes collaboration between students, their peers and their teachers.

The School is currently structured in the “diamond” model, in which children are taught in single-sex classes between the ages of 11-16. In May 2022, the Governors announced that the Schools will become fully co-educational from September 2023. You can find out more about our plans here.

Independent Learning

Every child at Stamford is encouraged to be an independent thinker and take the lead in their own education. We introduce this at an early age through programmes such as ILIC and the ‘Year 7/8 Challenge’, that encourage independent learning, social responsibility and good habits of mind.

These initiatives foster a positive outlook on learning, teaching students how to learn from experience, and understand how to make choices and behave intelligently.

Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological (including computing), human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative, spiritual, moral, ethical and personal education. Teachers and parents work together, identifying each child’s personal strengths and ensuring they achieve what they are capable of – their progress is proactively tracked through both formal and informal reporting.

Our curriculum
Academic Curriculum

Pupils benefit from teaching which encourages them to have high expectations. Different groups of pupils make good progress in lessons as a result of effective screening and diagnosis.

ISI Report 2017 Stamford High School

Pupils show a strong desire to clarify and deepen their understanding through questioning and perseverance in problem solving. They thoroughly enjoy the challenge of thinking independently and creatively.

ISI Report 2017 Stamford School

Stamford Scholars

At the Stamford Endowed Schools, all Scholars can look forward to participating in the Scholars’ Programme, will be recognised as a Scholar and have his/her name included on the Scholars List.

Academic Scholarships
Stamford Scholars

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department aims to help students gain the confidence and academic skills required to become successful, independent learners.

More on Learning Support
Learning Support

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