Our students have a long history of rising to the challenges ahead, showing independence of mind and readiness for the future. Their exam results epitomise this with our students working diligently to achieve their grades, opening doors to the next stage of education and to life beyond. We are very proud of the great efforts made by our students and teachers to attain high GCSE, AS and A Level results.

2019 A-level Results

Overall, the 191 students gained grades of A*, A, B or C in 78.5% of their examinations with 24.1% of the entries being graded at A* or A.  The success of these students has ensured that many have gained places at the country’s top universities or embarked upon their chosen career paths after school.

Data: A*/A: 24.1%, A*-C: 78.5%

2019 A-level Results

2019 GCSE Results

Stamford School data – Entered: 103 students,
A*/A 987: 39.3%
A*/A/B 9876: 59.4%
A to C 987654: 89.5%


Stamford High School data – Entered: 81 students,
A*/A 987: 57.1%
A*/A/B 9876: 74.9%
A to C 987654: 96.0%

2019 GCSE Results

Past Results

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